Admission Requirements

For all study programs students need to have obtained a secondary school diploma or equivalent and passed the Test de français international (TFI) with a grade of at least 780/990. Other prerequisites may also be required in certain programs. For further information regarding equivalences please consult the Quebec Immigration website.

Application for Admission

Please complete the following steps :

  • Fill out and print the online application form  PDF
  • Send the form with the documents listed below to the following address :

Admission Services
Merici College
755, Grande Allee Ouest
Quebec (Quebec)
G1S 1C1

For further information please call us at :
418-683-2104 ext. 2128 or
1-800-208-1463 ext. 2128

Please include the following documents with your application form:

  • A certified photocopy of your academic record (last three years of studies)
  • A photocopy of all your diplomas and certificates
  • A photocopy of a certified document indicating your complete name and birth place (birth certificate)
  • An international certified cheque or money order for the amount of C$150 to cover the non-refundable application fee. The cheque or money order should be made payable to Merici College. It is also possible to pay by bank-to-bank transfer. Please contact us for the necessary information.

N.B.  Documents in a language other than Canada’s two official languages should be translated into French and certified.

Admission Procedures

Upon reception of your documents, the Admission Services will review your application and make sure it is complete. You should receive an acknowledgement within approximately ten working days.

If you are accepted, the Admission Services will send you a letter of acceptance, two copies of the official admission to Merici College (one for the Canadian Embassy and the other for Quebec Immigration), and the Educational Services contract indicating the tuition fees to be paid. After completing these documents, please return them to the Admission Services along with your payment to cover the registration fees (C$200). The fees can be paid by bank-to-bank transfer, money order or certified cheque to Merici College. Please contact us for the necessary information for a bank-to-bank transfer.

A semester is generally 15 weeks (82 days of classes and evaluation). A school year comprises two semesters (fall and winter).

*Merici reserves the right to refuse any student whose academic history or personal qualifications are considered unsatisfactory to pursue studies in one of its programs.

Obtaining a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)

As soon as you receive your official letter of admission to Merici College, you must apply to the Quebec government for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for studies. You can apply online and review the status of your application at the following address :

The online application requires the following :

  • that you have an e-mail address
  • that you are able to pay the application fees by Visa or MasterCard (your own card or that of someone else)

Online application is easy and enables you to :

  • obtain a personalized list of the documents you need to send by post in order to complete your application
  • review the status of your application online
  • be notified of any new messages in your file
  • access and download any correspondence concerning your application without delay

IMPORTANT: You must take note of the username and password that you choose when completing your application online. They will be requested every time you consult your file.

For those who are not able to complete an online application, the PDF version is also available on the same site. This can be filled out and sent with the application fees to the address indicated on the official Quebec government website.

Obtaining a Student Permit

As soon as you have both your official letter of admission to Merici College, and your Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), you will need to request a study permit from the Canadian Embassy in your country. The Canadian Embassy will require the following documents :

  • The Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)
  • The official letter of admissiom to Merici College
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your college tuition fees and living expenses
  • A valid passport
  • Proof that you are able to transfer funds
  • Proof of good reputation (letter of reference, etc.)
  • A medical certificate (except for certain countries)

For further information, please see the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. The CAQ and study permit application process may take more than six months. We therefore suggest you start this process as soon as possible, at least three months before classes begin.

Health Insurance and Hospitalization

Quebec law requires foreign students who wish to register in a study program in Quebec to take out medical and hospital insurance for the duration of their stay. Taking out insurance is mandatory for all eligible international students, except for students entitled to the health insurance of the province of Quebec and for those becoming permanent residents of Canada during their studies.

International students are exempted from taking out insurance if they show proof of being registered with the Quebec Health Insurance Plan in accordance with the reciprocity agreement on social security established between the government of Quebec and certain countries (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal and Sweden).

Your insurance will come into effect on the first day of the month prior to the beginning of your first semester or on the day on which you arrive in Canada, whichever is the later date.

Upon your arrival, our educational institution will give you a kit containing your insurance card, a reimbursement card for prescription medicine, a booklet containing more information about your medical coverage, and a payment request form. The cost of the insurance is C$600 (taxes included). This fee will automatically be added to your tuition fees and will be payable according to the terms determined by Merici College.

Estimated costs for studying in Quebec

For further information about other possible costs, please consult the document published by Immigration Quebec called Study and Live in Quebec

Reimbursement Policy

Non-Refundable Fees

Please note that application fees are not refundable. Registration fees are only refundable if your application is refused by the Admission Services.

Cancellation of Educational Services Contract

Merici College reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of C$1500 if a student decides to cancel his educational services contract before or after the beginning of the semester. If the student cancels his contract after the beginning of classes, he will also be charged the tuition fees for those classes (Loi sur l'enseignement privé du Québec).

Study Permit Refusal

If your study permit application is refused by the Canadian Embassy, the first instalment of your tuition fees will be fully refunded by Merici College upon proof of refusal.