History and Location

Merici College is a private co-educational college-level institution dispensing a variety of pre-university and professional programs with an annual student enrolment of about 1200. Founded in 1930 by the sisters of the Ursuline Order, Merici College has remained faithful to a long tradition of excellence while constantly adjusting to the changing educational needs of its students.

Merici College is located in one of the most enchanting cities of North America: Québec City, adjacent to the Plains of Abraham and overlooking the majestic St. Lawrence River. Only a stone's throw from the sites and attractions of Old Québec, the College is cradled in the open spaces and wooded parkland of the Battlefields National Park. The campus is well served by the public transit systems of the Quebec Urban Community and the different municipalities on the South Shore.

Why Choose Merici ?

Merici has earned an excellent reputation for :

  • the variety of its programs of study
  • the quality of the teaching offered
  • its highly professional staff
  • its apartment-style student residences
  • its student services, tuned to the needs of the student body and supportive of student initiative
  • its study rooms for individual and group work
  • its up-to-date computer laboratories and WiFi Internet access
  • its extracurricular tutoring in French, English, Spanish, Science and Mathematics
  • its placement service, available free of charge, for summer employment, part-time employment during the school year and for career openings upon graduation


Integration and orientation 081.06 (1 semester)

A one-semester program designed for students looking for counselling to facilitate the transition from high school to college or to help prepare a return to schooling. This program provides career counselling, consolidation of the students’ academic records and study skills training.

Science 200.B0 (2 years)

The experienced and enthusiastic science teachers at Merici College work individually with each of the students in this program to prepare them for further studies in mathematics, science and technology. If you are planning to study the sciences at university, this is the program for you.

Social Science 300.A0 (2 years)

Taking Social Science will enable you to discover various facets of the Human being. If you have a keen interest in psychology, law, international relations, and social services, Mérici invites you to embark on a different, innovative learning adventure : Social Science through project-based learning. This approach favours practical, stimulating projects. Project-based learning is for students who are autonomous and responsible, so if this sounds like you, sign up for the Social Science program and discover the World through a wealth of Experience.

Multimedia Design 500.A1 (500.CR) (2 years)

Are you fascinated with multimedia, video games, website design, animation, music and sound design, video production and editing, screenwriting, and computer graphics? Multimedia Design is a pre-university program which is offered exclusively at Mérici College to enable you to explore a wide range of computer software for innovative design purposes. Enjoy learning with teachers who are passionate about what they do and use a hands-on approach through the realization of various multimedia projects.

Creative Advertising 500.A1 (500.PR) (2 years)

How does the idea of designing ads for print, TV, radio or Internet grab you? Our unique pre-university program in Creative Advertising will enable you to explore various types of media and develop your creativity while perfecting your oral and written communication. Learn about consumer behaviour, target markets and how to develop advertising strategies. Experience the different steps involved in a publicity campaign and learn about marketing, project management and media placement through a project-based approach.

Orthotics and Prosthetics 144.BO (3 years)

The Orthotics and Prosthetics Technician Program provides students with the fundamental knowledge and manual skills needed to create and fabricate prostheses (artificial limbs) and orthoses (orthopedic braces). In order to meet current demand, Merici College has chosen to specialise in orthoses and prostheses of the lower limbs.

Special care counselling 351.A0 (3 years) or 351.B0 intensive

Learn, work, move freely, communicate, and love: five different activities that come easily to most people, but represent enormous challenges for those afflicted with learning disabilities and problems of adaptation. This technical program develops the competencies and attitudes required to support the integration of these people and prepares students for a variety of careers in social services and related fields.

Tourism 414.A0 (3 years) or 414.IB intensive

If the study of foreign languages, history, and geography interests you; if you enjoy communications and interpersonal relations; if you are attracted to the challenges of marketing; this may be the program for you!

Hotel Management 430.A0 (3 years) or 430.AI intensive

The hospitality branch of the tourism industry offers a variety of opportunities for trained professionals in hotels, inns, convention centres, restaurants, and bars. This program will prepare students to succeed in the industry by enabling them to develop competencies in hospitality management, cooking, and restaurant and hotel services. Merici College's graduates are recognized for their skills in decision-making, their sense of responsibility and their versatility, all qualities that are in high demand in today's hotel industry.

Restaurant Management 430.B0 (3 years)

Equipped with a pedagogical kitchen and a dining room open to the public, Merici College offers students a program combining both production and management skills to enable them to make a career as a chef or restaurateur. In addition to the specialized cooking skills developed in our training kitchen, students acquire the planning, supervisory and organisational competencies that today's restaurant business demands.